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Each year, the HSPP sponsors Research Internships for 14 Barnard undergraduates distributed among five science departments: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Astronomy, and Psychology. Internships are available to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors; all full-time faculty are eligible to serve as mentors. Research Interns are selected and matched to faculty mentors within departments, usually in February and March.

Research Interns spend 10 weeks during the summer working with a Barnard faculty mentor to initiate a year-long research project. In most cases, the intensive effort over the summer allows students to define a clearly delineated research problem, learn the necessary laboratory and computational techniques, and develop protocols for their research projects. Research Interns then complete their projects during the following academic year. Most Research Interns receive credit toward their science majors for their academic year efforts. In most departments, they also participate in department-based research seminars where research skills as well as the oral and written communication of research results are discussed. All Research Interns present their work at the annual Student Research Symposium in April. Many also present their work at off-campus scientific meetings and in publications in scientific journals.

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