Internship Opportunities at Other Institutions


The Hughes Science Pipeline Project at Barnard sponsors year-long research internships for 14 Barnard students per academic year.  These internships are distributed through the following departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Psychology.  If you're interested in participating in one of these internships, you should speak with science faculty who might serve as your mentor. 
» see abstracts of past interns' work

You can search for summer or academic year internships by clicking on the links below. The next page will bring you to a list of eight fields of study to choose from. Within a given field, you will see a list of specific internship programs. When you click on the title of the program, you will be directed to a page summarizing its key components (name of institution, location, start date, length of program, eligibility requirements, contact information, application procedures and so on). This summary page will also provide a link to the home web site of the internship program.

The Office of Career Development can also help you with your resume and cover letters, prepare you for interviews, and more. They also provide a list of internship search sites and valuable career resources in Science, Math & Technology.

Other internship search engines can be found at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute web site or at the National Science Foundation's web site for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF/REU). Emory College also provides a useful internship search engine.